The Beauty Studio 101 Story


Beauty Studio 101 was established in 2018. Adrianna Then, founder of Beauty Studio 101 has always had a huge interest in the beauty industry. From solely focusing on lash lifting, we then introduced more services such as BB Glow, Facials, Eyebrow Microshading & Lash Extensions.  ​We aim to make beauty simple for everyone, one step at a time.

Beauty Studio 101 offers a clean, professional, friendly studio environment in our Private Soho Suite at Pinnacle Petaling Jaya. 


"Relax and Renew, the 101 style"

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Our Team

Adrianna Then

24, Founder & certified beauty technician. I am quirky and bubbly! I love socialising with each and everyone. 


I have developed a huge passion for beauty and aim to make beauty simple for everyone out there.

If you can dream it, you can do it! 

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Jaemie Hen

23, Manager of Beauty Studio 101. Certified beauty technician and a complete beauty enthusiast! 

I'm a foodie and I love making customers happy!

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Beauty Studio 101

Grand Opening

30th November 2019